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OBR - Optical Braille Recognition - is a Windows software that allows you to "read" single and double sided Braille documents with a standard scanner. The retrieved information is presented as the text that can be used in all types of Windows applications.

The Braille information in a small letter or a complete Braille Book can be retrieved into computer form in the same easy way, even if you do not read Braille at all.

The recognition from a good quality Braille document is excellent. But even scanning an old worn-out Braille document, the fault frequency is surprisingly low. By using standard Windows functions your Braille handling system will be complete and effective.

Everyone who works with Blind people and does not read Braille will benefit from using the OBR. For example: teachers who do not read Braille, public organisations communicating with Blind individuals and Computerised Braille Libraries.


Working with OBR

Easy operation
The scanning process is simple and quick, you can process two sides of a Braille sheet in a single scan. Pressing the SCAN button starts the process of scanning. After less than thirty seconds the information is presented at the screen. Continue to scan the next page or start to use the information.

The Braille information in a small letter or a complete Braille Book can be retrieved into computer form in the same easy way, even if you do not read Braille at all.

The scanning and decoding of an A4 page will normally take about one minute. You can select scan single or double sided sheets, a single page or several pages and different Braille cell sizes. If the Braille document has been placed in a faulty direction at the scanner it can be corrected with a SWAP and ROTATE command without re-scanning the document.

Copy old Braille Books
The recognition function of OBR is stable, even if the source Braille document is of low quality. In combination with spell checking and other Windows functions, almost all Braille document can easily be retrieved into computer format.

The OBR Software can be used with any type of Index Braille Embosser for direct embossing of a scanned document. Independent of language or type of Braille code, the copy will be embossed without the involvement of any translation program.

Scan wide Braille pages
A normal Braille page of 29 lines, 42 characters is too large for a A4 scanner. It, and even wider pages, can still be scanned by the MERGE function at the OBR.

Start with scanning of a part of the large page, continue with the rest of the page. The merge function will map automatically this two pictures and present the whole page as one document.


OBR 3.7 Technical data

Supported scanners
S2W 450

LiDE 100, LiDE 200, CanoScan 3200F, CanoScan 4200F, CanoScan 4400F, CanoScan 5200F, CanoScan 5600F, CanoScan 8800F

Perfection 1260, Perfection 1660, Perfection 1670, Perfection 3200, Perfection V30, Perfection V33, Perfection V300, Perfection V330, GT10000+ *

Hewlett Packard
HP 2C, HP 2200C, HP 2300C, HP 2400, HP 3C, HP 3400C, HP 3500C, HP 3570C, HP 3670C, HP 3690C, HP 3970C, HP 4C, HP 4P, HP 4100C, HP 4300C, HP 4470C, HP 4600C, HP 5P, HP 5100C, HP 5200C, HP 6100C, HP 6200C, HP 6300C

ScanMaker X6, ScanMaker V12USL, ScanMaker X12USL

BearPaw 1200, BearPaw 1200CP, BearPaw 1200F, BearPaw 1200CS, BearPaw 1200TA, BearPaw 1200UB, BearPaw 2400, Power Pro, ScanExpress A3 *

OpticBook 3600

Astra 1600, Astra 2000P, Astra 2100U, Astra 4500, Astra 4700, Astra 6400, Astra 6450. PowerLook 2100XL *

OneTouch 7600, OneTouch 8100, OneTouch 8600, OneTouch 8700

* A3 scanners require Extended version of OBR for unlimited scanning area

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